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About my business

and the man behind the design.

Design. Business. Passion.

You feel like you deserve a beautiful graphic design job for your project, more support, attention to details and a 1 on 1 support. You are tired of designers who know nothing about design. You want to have a break from designers that have their own styles and are to not willing to meet your needs. You want to start seeing fresh, elegant ideas with attention to details, typography and symbols. You want a designer that knows his trade and is focused just on your project and nothing else. If this is you, I, Gregor Kaurin am here to help you get the design you want for your business. New, elegant, ethernal.  

In short I will help you with:

  • getting the best design possible for your project from concept to finish
  • prepare files for print, web, tablet pc, smartphone
  • support during and after the project is finished if additional requirements should arise

What do I do:

  • brand identity
  • web design
  • user experience | user interface design
  • print design & preparation
  • coding if required

My story

My name is Gregor Kaurin and I am a full-time freelance graphic designer who specializes in creating beautiful brand identities, web pages and user interfaces. Im 28 years old. I have been in the field for 6+ years and have been loving every minute of it. I have worked with companies of all sizes and fields from around the world. I am a creative person, designer, blogger, problem solver and overall creative thinker with an aesthetic sense. I enjoy laughing, sports and a good cup of coffee. I studied Media Communications at the Faculty of electrical engineering and computer science in Maribor, Slovenia and obtained a bachelor degree (Media Communication engineer). I have worked for two middle sized design companies but always enjoyed freelancing. I was born and raised in Koper, Slovenia. Ive been intrigued by drawing since elementary school. I started by looking at photos and trying to draw what I saw by myself. In high scool I came across graphic design software such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. First I was just working my way around and play with the tools those programs offered. Later I saw some tutorials on how to retouch a photo and do some crazy photoshop tricks so I started learing that. Soon, my friends and family wanted some kind a photo retouch and other cool stuff. One day I came across a graphic design book with logos. There was an extensive theory and practical tips on the subject. At the time I also found out several contest based sites where I could upload my logo ideas for a given project. I quickly won my first contest and from that point on I fall in love with graphic design, logos, websites, user interfaces and so on. After I finished my university education I soon found I creative agency that hired me. Ive learned a lot and have worked with amazing, talented people. It was a great experience that Ill never forget. During my stay at that agency I was also working as a freelance designer. At first it was hard to find clients that would trust me but once I gained some momentum it became much easier. My approach to graphic design business is holistic. I’m not just here to design something and get paid. Im here to help you make your business better with a great design and to help you even after your project is finished if any question would arise. For example, if you decide later that you need something for print, not just for the web, I can adjust the artwork for you. The end goal here is to help you develop a design that will add value to your business and boost the look & feel so contact me and lets create something superb. In the meantime, check the Frequently asked questions I get from my clients.

What other clients are saying about me

I always wanted a great logo for my website, but for the life of me I just could not figure out, how to cram all of my values inside a piece of art, that would also look awesome. I tried to do it myself and failed miserably. But luckily for me, I came across Gregor. A 30 minute chat was everything Gregor needed, to design an awesome logo for my website that was both stunning and full of meaning. To say that I was extatic about the end result is a great understatement. If youre looking for a skilled logo designer then look no further, for youve found the man for your job! Glad I found you mate :) Dejan Antic, NoBrainerMuscle

Gregor did a fantastic job creating a unique design for our company. Well done! Mike, IOG Capital

Starting my business off on the right foot with an elegant and professional logo design. Gregor Kaurin delivered multiple revisions promptly, and paid attention to my feedback each time. I couldnt be happier with the creativity and thoughtfulness put into my logo design. Maria Pullela, Kara's Way

Thanks, the logo you did looks Awesome!  Ive already had people say it looks a lot cleaner than my previous one.   Keith Player, PhotoStack