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The history of the CND logo

  Sphere of ecology has lots of organizations with absolutely different goals, but the main idea is to secure and save our planet. Some people can not agree with the mottos of some organizations, but it doesn’t mean that they are false. There are as many opinions as there are people.   The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) is one of the most global ecology organizations in the world, that was formed in far 1957. This peace movement was created after the tragical incidents in Japan.   The United States of America have dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and in three days on Nagasaki, hundreds of thousands of people were dead and the whole world was in scare. For the next 10 years, Soviet Union and Great Britain put too much attention to atomic weapons and were testing them with surprising frequency. Of course, after such incidents, people were in fear and lots of protests were started all over the world and Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament couldn’t leave it without attention.   Logo creation The main quantity of CND members were members of Labour Party, so the community faced with lots of political challenges. Such organization has to have

Color trends 2017

In design creation everything is important and has to be over thought and graphic design is not an exception. Depending on the audience, company is oriented on, design has to be chosen.   To make graphic design perfect it’s necessary to know all the trends, use different technique and choose fonts, colors and graphics carefully. Designers have to have lots of special skills and knowledges to make something unique.   The main trend of this year and of a few previous ones is simplicity. Customers don’t want to think a lot, everything has to be clear. Talking about colors, there are also some trends, that must be taken into attention. This year the best choice would be:  

The principles of logo design

Why logo design is such sphere, that needs to be paid lot of attention on? The answer is simple, because exactly logo is that feature, that customers have a sight on for the first time. First impression is very important, because it’s impossible to change it. If clients liked the logo, they would be interested in product and professionals from sphere of branding and marketing know it for sure. Eye-catching design in tandem with high quality products would give the company result it dreams about. But as any field of design creation, logo design has some rules and principles, that must be mentioned and used if the creators to reach the success, so here are the main ones:

Photo manipulations by Chris Rivera

Many artists think about the question, how to make their photos unique and creative and Chris Rivera, an LA-based photographer, probably, has found the answer. His conceptual photo manipulations are eye-catching because of their idea and motives. The main feature of his artworks is that the bigger of them were made on Iphone, without using professional photo editing software. Chris proves that to make something awesome it’s enough to have creativity in blood and ideas in mind. Rivera has already worked with Polaroid, ExoLens, LORD Time Pieces and so on, but with his ambitions, the list of his clients would grow up from year to year.

Aren’t these photos strange?

Who doesn’t like photography nowadays? It sounds impossible, because artists try to impress the audience with more and more creative artworks. Hugh Kretschmer from LA is one of those photographers who is not afraid of experiments and something new. His creative soul was growing up in the family of artists, so photography was among his passions from the childhood. After more than twenty years of his photographer career it’s possible to say that his artworks are one of the most recognisable, because of unique style. A person with such imagination may look strange for someone, his photos are strange, but in the same time they are awesome. Even after the first sight at them it becomes obvious that Hugh is a really talented guy and interest to his artworks is growing up.

The world of monkeys

Different designers look for inspiration in different ways and that’s absolutely normal, because the tastes are different. Some of them prefer to watch movies to find something interesting, others are searching for ideas in nature as Anano Miminoshvili does it. This girl is a young illustrator from Tbilisi, Georgia, who is fond of drawing. Animal and nature themes are clearly seen in her creations, so series “Old World Monkeys” weren’t surprising, but are awesome and eye-catching. That’s great when the author is able to find something special in simple things and Anano did it. Who knows, maybe this young girl would be one of the most popular designers in a few year, thanks to her creations.

Improve Website Speed And Conversion

INTRODUCTION The internet is expanding very rapidly. There are literaly millions of new sites and content created every single day. Its true, the world wide web is becoming more complex than ever before. As the internet becomes more complex and heavy, the same is true for your website. If you dont pay attention it can become slow when loading. This affects visitiors behavior. Visitor leave your site early, sales and conversions decreases. The key is to improve website speed and conversion. Causes for a website slowdown include: low server memory competing resources data influx a great deal of traffic navigation site design images apps REMEMBER: The loading time of your website makes a difference between generating revenue and not generating anything. Here, prevention is better than cure. WHAT TO CHECK ON YOUR SITE monitor your site and performance daily check home page load time check process load time check conversion rates WEB SPEED WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN SALES You think that one second doesnt make a difference? Read on. According to a new report from Radware, the time it takes for a top retail website to load is getting worse, with load times now 47 % slower than in

Typography, Branding And Mobile Apps

Typography, Branding And Mobile Apps by Erik Spiekermann   Erik Spiekermann is a German typographer, designer and founder of MetaDesign. He is a professor at the University of the Arts Bremen.   Spiekermann has designed many commercial typefaces as well as…

Font mood, PART 2

Every font has its own mood. Its crucial that you find just the right mix for the job. Its like making a delicious salad where all the ingredients play a major role. Most people recognize a »serif« or »sans-serif« typeface. Serif typefaces look traditional, formal or older and sans-serif typefaces look modern. But the shape of the letter can tell us even more about the mood of a typeface. There are three letter structures that many typefaces are based upon: humanist, transitional and geometrical. These three main groups correspond to the Renaissance, Baroque and Enlightenment periods in art and literature. HUMANIST TYPEFACES Humanist typefaces are based on classical calligraphy. Humanist typefaces have subtle curves and tend to look friendly. Humanist typefaces look good for non-profits, healthcare and other organizations where you want to achieve a »human« look. Example of Humanist typefaces     TRANSITIONAL TYPEFACES Transitional typefaces or realist typefaces are designed somewhere in between the hand derived letters of Humanist typefaces and the geometric letters of Geometric typefaces. Realist typefaces have a sense of rationality and stability. These fonts are also referred to as »anonymous sans serifs«. The most widely known typeface Helvetica is a Realist typeface. It has

Simple rules for combining fonts, PART 1

INTRODUCTION You found a great font that you want to use in your design, right? When you try to combine it with another font you find out that it looks awful. There are no strict rules about font combinations but the following are good practices you can implement in your designs. The following 4 part guide will help you identify and combine the right fonts for great combinations. Dont miss the upcoming posts by subscribing to the newsletter at the end. Stay tuned. In this 5 post series youll learn: PART 1 Simple rules for combining fonts PART 2 Font mood PART 3 Best fonts and font combinations PART 4 How to know if a font is not designed right PART 1: SIMPLE RULES FOR COMBINING FONTS Font combinations Subscribe To My Newsletter to receive a FREE eBOOK. You will learn about: 8 graphic design tools for your business 3 rules for designing a successful brand 10 extremely important questions to ask in your client brief 12 eMail marketing tips that will skyrocket your success 5 plugins that will drastically improve your site and business 10 graphic design books every designer should read